Our story

In 2015, designer Oliver launched BATTILO HOME, an Interior inspiration line known for its bold, original prints on a versatile, cozy touch. BATTILO HOME is inspired by CASA BATLLó. We are deeply impressed by its wonderful design and living style, just like a true fairy tale, pleasant and nostalgic.
In 2017, Oliver longed for a store to indulge her creative side. His inspiration comes from life, he combines various styles to create a collision of multiple styles. Each caters to the lifestyle of family: soft & delicate; boho chic; easy cool; elegant classic; and luxurious style.

Unparalleled interior decoration service

We can match the most suitable blanket for you according to your interior design so that you can enjoy your home life.


We only make imitation animal fur

We are making efforts for animal protection. The imitation animal fur series blankets will replace real animal fur in a sense. Every purchase of imitation fur products will prevent one or more animals from being killed. We use 900gsm fabric, which is rare in other products, to restore the touch and texture of fur most realistically.

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  • Chenille Cable Knit Throw Blanket - BATTILO HOME


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